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My challenge on this project was to enable category owners to merchandise on mobile/tablet in a similar manner to how they did so on desktop. As a result, our customers would engage a similar experience on both desktop and mobile/tablet.

Design Thinking

Sketches for tablet

Sketches for tablet

I used website data on the desktop site landing pages to determine what customers were doing on these pages. In addition I completed a competitive analysis of both the desktop and mobile space in this arena. I was able to determine the best path forward was to leverage existing systems in order to create mobile friendly widgets that could be responsive and modular in nature. I collaborated with various external teams, as this was a large scale project with many complexities.

Design once, implement everywhere.

I sketched various types of widget interfaces, determined their best usage and presented those to category owners. A phased approach was necessary as we needed category owners to opt-in to these new features. Therefore it was necessary to create phased sets of wireframes and mocks that were able to build on top of each other.

I was able to provide a flexible and modular design in order to provide category owners the ability to merchandise on mobile/tablet native apps and mobile web for the first time at Amazon. This highly customizable self-serve tool provided infinite possibilities to get the right products in front of our customers.
It allowed merchandisers to rapidly test various personalized and non-personalized content to groups of customers quickly.

Execution & Results

clp_hero_1As a result, internal stakeholders were happy to have the ability to design a campaign once and be able to have it implemented seamlessly across various platforms. Our customers were delighted (validated by usability testing) by having a browse experience more similar to that of their desktop experience. Thus,  allowing for more organic product discovery.