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Customer Problem

During several usability studies, customers cited frustration with our mobile filters and the inability to multi-select dimensions.

Inline filtering

Inline filtering

Design Thinking

I performed a competitive analysis of mobile and tablet e-commerce apps, used data from our current desktop and mobile experiences and held brainstorming sessions with various team members to come to a solution. Using data to help drive the design decisions, I re-designed the way that Amazon did search result filtering on mobile and tablet.  I introduced a consistent experience that addressed the customer problems observed, such as:

  1. Losing context between the filters and the products
  2. Not being able to multi-select filters
  3. Not realizing when filters have being applied

We iterated on the design and used data and further usability testing to validate my design decisions. Customers needed varying degrees of product information on a per product category basis.



Various iterations to explore placement of filters

Various iterations to explore placement of filters

Execution & Results

The result was a easy-to-use interface that allowed customers to quickly narrow down their selections. Since the release, usage of filters has increased greatly.