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My challenge on this project was to increase delivery accuracy using geo-fencing during the delivery of packages.

Customer Problem

Field research such as, in person interviews and ride-a-longs revealed that couriers often did not have confidence that they were at the correct location when delivering.

Design Thinking

sketch_geofence_2As I began to think about the problem at hand. We needed to be able to provide the courier with the confidence needed to effectively do their work, at the same time, we also needed to ensure accuracy without sacrificing speed nor efficiency.

There were several groups of stakeholders for this particular feature and problem. There were many strongly spirited discussions.

From the users perspective, I needed to identify the best place in the current workflow to interject geo-fencing. My team and I drew diagrams to illustrate the workflow and possible solutions within. I identified that after the courier scans the packages would be the least disruptive place to check the current geo-fencing. If the courier is within the pre-set parameter then the workflow would continue uninterrupted, but if the courier is outside of the geo-fence the app would assist the courier in delivering to the correct location. I chose to utilize mapping, additional messaging and color to re-enforce that the courier was or was not near the correct location. I reviewed my thinking and sketches with my design teammates.


Drawing outlining the various states based on geo-location.

Execution & Results

I presented the design recommendation to stakeholders (Engineering, Product, Operations and QA leads) walking through the design thinking with the larger group. I had already had several meetings with Operations and product early on to get initial by-in. Once the project was signed off on, I worked with engineering to implement.