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Through user research we were able to gather that our customers often required varied degrees of product information in order to make a buying decision.  We determined that all of the information is neither needed or desired, all of the time.

Design Thinking

We used data and research to determine the proper level of information density that was required for our customers to make a purchasing decision. We conducted card sorting exercise in an attempt to verify which information was priority. A tight balance between necessity and breadth led us to introduce 2 new views in mobile/tablet search results, Grid View and Image View. List, grid and Image views can be seen as a sliding scale of information density based on the research that was conducted.

I sketched various view layouts that led to several iterations of wireframes. After reviewing with various stakeholders I created the visual design mock ups and worked with engineering to implement my designs.

Execution & Results

We launched updated versions of our iOS native, Android native phone and tablet apps (summer/fall 2014). The metrics after the launch were all extremely positive. In addition, to the hard numbers we received, we further validated our finding by running another round of usability testing with varied participants. Overall, the usability test supported our findings. In addition, were able to determine areas to continue to focus on for future iterations.